VISTA classes use a communication way of teaching and education. Whatever knowledge the students acquire throughout the class, they can use and practise it immediately by communicating. The manner English grammar is taught is very simple as the students are not overloaded with grammar. The morphology is explained by way of simple examples and furthermore, it is fixed in combination with new vocabulary right in the class. We make good use of model situations, dialogues, communication exercises and games. The teacher speaks English exclusively. Such a method is painless as the student learns to speak a foreign language in an indirect way – unconsciously.

Whenever you study with VISTA (in its Slovak branches or by Skype), you always do so in the same, licenced VISTA manner, advanced classes included.

VISTA education materials have all been elaborated by specialists and they all encourage a student to communicate. The language is about communication! Moreover, we use high-quality expert literature. The student does not need to buy any other books as all the materials are handed over right in the class. All the books and materials are free of charge.

In case you are interested in a book of your own choice/preference, we would be glad to adjust the classes and methods accordingly.

Of course, we would be glad if you could get one. ISIC, ITIC or EURO 26 card holders are entitled to a 10 % discount right in enrolment. We can also offer you an 8 % discount when enrolling for a higher level of study. If you hold the ISIC, ITIC or EURO 26 cards, you are entitled to another 15 % discount. In addition hereto, we can provide you with a total discount of up to 10 % from the price of the class for any other student who is about to start studying here based upon a client´s recommendation. The discount is calculated per each and every new client being recommended.

The clients being registered in the Labour Office are automatically provided with a 30 % discount. When repeating a level, you are entitled to further 50 % discount. Do you have birthday? If that is the case, you can get a 15 % discount on your birthday.

Please see the list of all the discounts and partners..

Yes, you can. Every single level is completed with a written and oral examination along with obtaining the VISTA certificate. Once all the language levels have been completed, it is possible to obtain a diploma on completion of general study of English or any other foreign language. Our certificates and diplomas are recognised in personal interviews or they can provide excellent feedback for Employers or schools.

VISTA offers language classes and therefore, we do not focus on the above mentioned type of internationally-recognised certificates. Based upon your need, we would be glad to create a specialised course preparing you for international certificates of any duration or intensity. So far we have been highly successful in preparing the students for such a type of examinations.

In case you are specially interested in an international certificate, VISTA is an ETS accredited school providing TOEIC and TOEFL examinations and certificates.

Yes, they do. We have native speakers who fulfil strict criteria to become members of our staff. They mostly specialise in company, one-to-one or specialised classes.

If the teacher is informed about student´s absence in advance, it is possible to arrange an two extra classes with a discount during the course duration.

Of course you will. In beginner levels (1, 2), the teacher translates every sentence or instruction from English into Slovak language.

No, they don´t. From the psychological point of view, the most effective way when teaching semi-intensive communication courses is loyalty of one teacher throughout the whole language duration. The student avoids possible stress from „the unknown“ and at the same time the expert teacher takes care of him/her. Such a specialist does not only know what was taught and explained earlier, but s/he is aware of the student´s strengths and weaknesses or possible challenges they are trying to face in a systematic manner. After completion of one level and taking up a higher level, we suggest changing a teacher as the student can have a chance to experience a new accent or a different way of communication.

As one of the few, we offer specialised English classes, where the clients will be able to improve their vocabulary, practise fluent speaking and eloquency or eventually get in touch with further interesting information (Social Life Course, Grammar Drill, Business English, Legal English, Life and Institutions of English Speaking Countries, Special Sales Course etc.)

The payment is divided into two parts, the deposit payable at registration and the second part hereof payable when beginning a class. Should a client not be able to pay the sum as a whole, we are willing to provide him/her with installments (no interests included). In case of kids classes, which run throughout a year, the first installment is payable in September while the second one in January of the upcoming calendar year. In case of company or one-to-one classes, payments are made on a monthly basis.

If the client is not able to complete a pre-paid class due to serious medical conditions or any other specific incapability, it is possible to complete the class within six months from receipt of payment or relocate the remaining funds to another person.

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